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We can't do this alone

We can't do this alone

WLAKids is proud to partner with several African-centric nonprofit organizations that support our worthy mission.

Providing basic educational services & school fees for vulnerable children

Vickie Winkler started her travels to Kenya over 30 years ago. During one of her visits in 1999, she was asked to speak about HIV/AIDS prevention. As a nurse, Vickie was prepared to speak on the subject, but she did not anticipate the “cry” for knowledge about the disease that was “literally destroying their nation – spiritually, physically, and economically.”

In response to these needs, HEART was formed in February 2000 to focus on the education of HIV/AIDS prevention. HEART also has comprehensive programs to address the care, treatment, and empowerment of those infected and affected by HIV. These projects focus on "orphan prevention." For instance, the Women’s Empowerment Equality Project (WEEP) saves the lives of mothers suffering from advanced stages of AIDS, and their children are spared from becoming orphans. Operating in impoverished areas, WEEP identifies mothers to help who have been widowed or abandoned.

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Heart For Africa
Supporting basic school infrastructure and supplies for orphans

Janine Maxwell's life journey took her to Africa, where she encountered the AIDS pandemic, hunger and disease. Janine was stirred by the faces of children, mothers and grandmothers fighting for their lives on a daily basis. She turned from her boardroom savvy to be the voice sounding an alarm for those too weak to cry for help. Together, Janine and her husband Ian co-founded Heart for Africa.

Working alongside community organizations in Swaziland, they provide care and hope for the future for African children. Through short-term service trips, child sponsorship, and large fund-raising programs, Heart for Africa is working to deliver sustainable, quality care, shelter, food, water, clothing, healthcare and education to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Swaziland.

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Leadership training to educators in marginalized communities

Dignitas empowers educators in Kenya by developing leaders who will transform opportunities for the next generation. Around the world, marginalized communities have self-organized and established schools in the hope of meeting the educational needs of their children. Although the majority of these schools are led by committed community leaders, they lack trained teachers, skilled leadership, and basic resources. Dignitas partners with these schools – strengthening leadership, improving instructional quality, and providing infrastructural support to help schools create an environment where all children fulfill their potential.

Cofounder Tiffany Cheng is a widely recognized education leader in Kenya, where she brings valuable international and local experience.

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